"Their very public work communicates in the way that architecture should. It is intellectually rigorous, literate, well-conceived and crafted, yet comprehensible and open in terms of potential meanings. In this sense, it is the best of what public art can be:
an integrated balance between form and content.

They bring a high level of craft to the design and fabrication in their projects that is all too rare in the public realm."

Excerpt from the OAA/RAIC Celebration of Excellence
upon presentation of the Allied Arts Award to
Brad Golden and Lynne Eichenberg.

Since 1984, Brad Golden and Lynne Eichenberg have directed and collaborated on projects which address issues of public spaces and landscapes. From large scale collaborations with architects and engineers to smaller, private commissions, Eichenberg and Golden have become well recognized for creating both permanent and temporary artworks involving the integration of architecture, art, and landscape construction.

Eichenberg and Golden's experience in communication with multiple disciplines has led to successful collaborations with architects, landscape architects and engineers across many levels of bureaucratic administration.

Projects to date have featured crafted construction combined with studied interpretation of the physical characteristics of the project site.