Humber River, Toronto/Etobicoke, Ontario


"This project successfully demonstrates the current climate of cooperation
between artists, design professionals and engineers. Not so long ago,
the territory for each was often clearly defined and closely guarded.
In this case, the collaborative effort is clearly more than the sum of its parts.

Civic design should always be this inspiring."

John B. Hillier, Urban Design Awards Juror

The Humber River Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge has received a Governor General's Award of Merit (1997) a City of Toronto Urban Design award of excellence, awards of excellence from The City of Etobicoke (1996), The Canadian Institute of Steel Design (1996), and Canadian Architect (1995).

The overall design of the bridge communicates the cultural and social histories of the Humber River while providing an important link in Toronto's waterfront trail system by allowing crossing at the mouth of the River. The design of the Bridge has been inspired by motifs and artifacts of the first inhabitants of the site while interpretive plaques trace the prehistory of the region and compare the engineering wonder of canoe structures to the structure of the bridge.

The physical role of the bridge is to link two landforms. More importantly, the structure metaphorically bridges water and sky, earth and air, human and prehistoric time.