Oakville, Ontario


This project seeks to locate a position for the new park and open spaces in the larger landscape of Southern Ontario, encompassing the limestone face of the Niagara Escarpment, the crops and grasses of the agricultural plateau, and the streets and lots of the original Town of Oakville.

A narrative technique was employed to discuss the evolution of Oakville's natural environments, urban networks, and cultural artifacts. This narrative is experienced as a series of events and spaces anchored to three linear landscape orders: the Watercourse, the Agricultural Promenade, and the axial Oak Walk.

Elements of the park design form an interactive field. The main spaces: Lake, Fields, Orchard, and Civic Square, are subdivided by a secondary system of diagonal routes and walkways which link local streets with interior Park elements. A successive planting of Carolinian species describes a further layer of the proposal. The growth of these plantings completes the temporal matrix of this evolving landscape, through seasons, through time.