Edge of the City, Toronto, Ontario


A large scale artwork sited on vacant land awaiting development. Outskirts is one of a series of investigations and temporary installations which address the rapidly expanding urban frontier of Metropolitan Toronto. Originally conceived as a short term landmark itself, the project is sited in reference to existing landmarks whose future is jeopardized by this urban expansion.

Using the constructional vocabulary of industrialized buildings, Outskirts participates in the ongoing tradition of critical land art. The steel and concrete monoliths are variations on the formal theme of the vertical marker and are arranged on the same column grid as that of the Toronto Dominion Centre. The sixty foot high tower is aligned with its fallen portion as the gnoman of a sundial recalling the surveyor's rod as the initiator of the city.

Outskirts suggests that the dynamics of urban expansion originate in the urban core. By fragmenting the layout of Toronto's great modern monument, the TD Centre becomes the project's means to a realignment of the weighty focus of modernity, from that central and mythic monolithic collection to a peripheral and suburbanized resurrection.