Simcoe Park, Toronto


This project commemorates the contributions of Governor John Graves Simcoe and Elizabeth Simcoe to the founding of the City of Toronto.

Campsite Founding participates in the pedestrian route through Simcoe Park by creating a space of interpretation and contemplation. Within the context of the Campsite, an assembly of articles and emblems is composed to describe the cultural environment of the Simcoes as Toronto's founding citizens.

The Tent evokes the experience of the " canvas house " where the Simcoes camped and from where they embarked upon their historic excursions. A cast bronze table acts as focus of the Memorial offering an examination of the significant artifacts and documents pertaining to the early history of the city. This assembly includes a map of Toronto, including its harbour, cast into the tabletop.

In line with the Campsite, a basin is set within a pyramidal cairn of weathered stone. This water element evokes the natural landscape of Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment as recorded in Elizabeth Simcoe's Diary.